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rising vision

This vision came to me over time. A photo of Laurie Bird during the filming of Two Lane Blacktop had been rolling about in my archives of inspirational images for who knows how long. My memory kept it around the…


opalescent scene

  I started this project in the Spring of 2017 and rounded it out this afternoon, because I finally had the space, time, and clarity to release this little piece of paradise.

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scarab deity

the dung beetle divinity I go to the woods when I need the most neutral and true reflection of myself.  A few months ago, I was walking there and saw three dung beetles!  The first one was dying, and I…

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toad king

Often nature herself sends me the symbols that come to summarize phases of my life.  Since I was small and inspired by books like Juniper and Wise Child by Monica Furlong, and later Francesca Lia Block’s magical realism writing, I…

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Our Lady Jane

Back at the beginning of this year, having successfully shuttled across the Atlantic to establish a new chapter of my life, I felt the need to pay tribute to one of my main plant allies of the last year.  My…

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