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A Spell for Releasing the “Ties That Bind”

I’ve recently been learning a lot about what people refer to as “cord cutting.”  If you’ve ever heard the term “to cut ties,” it’s essentially the same concept: to intentionally sever the connection between you and another person.  Perhaps there are people in your life that have had their time and place and you’ve grown to realize that the relationship you have with them is unhealthy and no longer serving you.  Many times there are feelings of anger, shame, righteousness, and hurt behind the decision to cut ties.  Here “cords” represent the energetic bond between you and the other person.  This spell was designed for someone who needed to break a love spell they had cast.  This spell is appropriate if you have consciously connected your energy to someone else and are experiencing pain from the attachment.
It is best to do releasing magic on the full moon.  The day of the full moon represents the height of the moon’s potency.  The moon, that abundant, bright orb and strange companion, begins to wane in the days and weeks to come.  This represents a decrease in concentrated power.  The new moon is also a great day to work magic.  On the dark night of the new moon it is the best time to plant seeds of intention.  These intentions will gain potency as the moon waxes to become full again.  Paying attention to the cycles of the moon has given me a whole lot more context and meaning to the flow of life and of natural rhythms and patterns that happen within and without me.  Thus: I passionately recommend cultivating a relationship with the moon!


– a cauldron or a black bowl
– a pink candle
– a gold candle

If you cut the cord as you would cut off the top growth of a plant, the root would still be there. Because attachment is born out of fear, the opposite vibration is love. The energetic cord exists because of attachment, not love. Love is related to the idea of oneness, and accepting that. You wouldn’t feel the need to attach to something that you believed was there. The distance you believe in is from fear. Imagine love and oneness as an entity. Pink and gold is a good example.
Put the candles in the cauldron or black bowl, affixing them to the bottom by dripping some wax. Fill the vessel with fresh water, leaving a couple inches of candle above water. Visualize the energetic attachment as residing in the candles’ flames. Meditate on love. Conjure up the closest you’ve ever felt to it. Think about the times you’ve felt oneness, or closeness. Grow this feeling. Imagine the cord between you two. From the roots, up through your center, over to their body.  You can pull this cord gently, as you would the roots of plant you were re-potting.  As the candle burns down, its flame will eventually sputter and go out when it comes in contact with the water. At this point, imagine putting the cord between the two of you on the ground and watching it grow cold and dull. Tie the cord in a knot, signifying that you’re done with it and dispose of it. You can dispose of it by burying it, burning it, or visualizing the cord dissolving and transforming into butterflies, or dust. Do whatever feels appropriate for you. When the flame of the candle is extinguished by the water, the spell will disperse. Pour the water into a hole in the ground or into a body of water and bury the candles.

This will not harm the other person.  This is a ritual of recognition and practice of oneness.  If you feel an emptiness after removing the cord, fill in the spaces with a deep and vibrant shade of purple or blue.


  1. Lila Lila

    Thank you so much for this article. I wanted to ask what about relationships where they were no love spells cast?
    To be specific, how do we get rid of an abusive relationship where there no shred of love or attachment left, but the abuser refuses to let go of us, and will go to any lengths to prevent our escape?
    Is there a spell we can use for that?
    Thank you so much again.

    • admin admin

      often when we withdraw our energy, people with whom we’ve shared with reach out instinctively. the abuser probably has an image of what you are (their interpretation). you may be able to do something magically with this form of objectification. gather as much of the information about this image that you can muster and create a physical form of it, it can be as literal as a doll or something you intuitively piece together with household items, or things you find during a walk in the park. you are separating yourSELF from their perception by objectifying it into a literal separate thing. I would place it somewhere, with all of its tendrils, and prepare to cleanse yourself. Take a bath (the last bath of the old self that the abuser came to “know,” but NOT know in the way of holding you as sacred) and make it a ceremony. Use salt to scrub away any energetic remains and also to add a sheen of “glamour.” A glamour is something like a disguise, or way of appearing, and you can use it as a ward to confuse people trying to cord you and any unwanted or unsafe contact. You can choose how it looks and how it feels and how it looks and feels should not correlate to your sacred SELF, in this case. Think about magnetic opposites. You are re-magnitizing your being, so that attempts at contact fall away, dropping like oil.
      In your case I would crack an egg over the physical form you created. After your bath, you can take anything that remains (thoughts, memories, fears, possibilities) and pass an egg over your body, letting the inside of the egg absorb these things. After you feel really good and released, say some words to “the egg” before you crack it. Then dispose of the crafted form you have built in a place that feels good to you. it can act as a refraction satellite for possible future attempts of clinging to you.

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