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Frog Belly Dream Song

MWR and I created our annual movie.  Here’s his written teaser:
The journey begins in the buff and ends in the ocean and there are many gentle water features and lush micro bio-regions between there and yonder. Magic is afoot.
Will Old Woodsman Toshiro reach the Enchanted Sect of Singing Monks before the universe is created anew?
Follow a red-eyed tree frog beyond the limits of your mind.
New Paris Pictures presents an experience of mystical awakening.

Even though I’m often the “reluctant” one in the creative partnership, I get so inspired when it comes time to actually building little fantastical sets!  MWR and I also edit together.  We’re both strong-willed with clear vision.  Michael is often motivated by humour and I direct the intention, making sure the symbolic language is aligned.
I am proud to present to you this visual prose.

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