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Tea Time Tarot reading for all of us

@thursdaymagic and I pulled these cards at Fly Awake together. This is a reading for the all of us, for envisioning our future. The main themes are ones we’ve all been tapping into for a while now, last year they got more and more intense. Healing the heart, healing the waters, and meeting the void with #trust and #imagination.


(We pulled) The Vision (together): We are the androgynous dreamer stepping fearlessly into the unknown. We need the idealism of the fool to *see* the rainbow bridge that will take us into the Wildwood. The Wildwood is both our personal journey through life and the collective evolutionary experience of all lifeforms on Earth. Here, we are willing to engage with life in a conscious way. Our idealism and enthusiasm makes us brave. When we don’t limit potential, the potential remains limitlessness. All is possible! The idea exists, thus the journey beings!

The Knight of Vessels, the Eel, is the inner work we must do. This is a card of defined vision and personal revelation, backed by wisdom and maturity. The way of love has become a concrete force. It indicates the work of the shaman and healer: committing to being in service to the plants and the people. Go forth with purity of intent.

Elsbeth pulled the outer work card, the King of Vessels. It’s clear that the theme of “the work” to be done is WATER. Heal your waters, heal the waters. The Heron obeys the universal will of love. Heron as the King of Vessels sees the true nature of the world: simple and full of tenderness. Because to have an open heart and loving vision of the world, you are capable of great action. Led by your heart, you carve out a unique path and inspire others to recognize their own truths.

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