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v i r t u a l – MassArt Spring Market – v i r t u a l

The Spring Market, this time, in these times, is online. I’m partaking for the first time, and celebrating the grand re-opening of the availability of my artwork for purchase with my Etsy.

Eventually I’d like to have a shop integrated into my website, but for now I’m back to a friendly platform. I’ve got prints, some OG artworks, the Zine of Joy, AND some new offerings!
I’ve been making charms from thing-finding journeys, and I’ve got some pre-made ones up for sale, but what I’m most excited about is that I am accepting commissions for custom-made pieces! Charms are a powerful tool to symbolically represent the often abstract and ethereal work we’d like to do. Having a visual and physical reminder, especially when it’s an object of beauty, is motivating and encouraging when we’re in our process.
I ALSO decided I would really love to share some of my homemade herbal tea blends with the world, so I’m starting with one I called “Sonnenschein” (Sunshine). This is feeding towards my dream of someday having a little family shop where we sell artwork, crafts, resins, spices, and also have a little cafe counter where I make custom herbal blends and healthy drinks for customers. I’ve always been driven to help people in periods of transformation, and the natural developement of my creations is covering more and more ground to make this help accessible.

I bagged the tea and made it into a giftset that includes an oracle or tarot reading.

I’m excited that I’m represented under both the 2D and 3D Art sections of the MassArt’s Spring Market!

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