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Sissy Creamcheese stardustfuzz Cockettes

mythic legend of sissy creamcheese copy



Sissy Creamcheese and Boogier mate Chris Peregrine dance with Cambrian Explosion as the Moon and the Sun, respectively.  Ehva Thursday holds down the ground as Earth.  Cambrian Explosion, opening for Dead Meadow at the Star Theater February 3rd, 2016.

Film thanks to our historian Robert Brown/@urbanmire and editing thanks to Sir Magnetic/@PsychedeliaBeaters

Curriculum Vitae

– Farflung at Jodorowsky Bacchanal, Stvdio Marcvs, September 2010
– SHOUT! Dance Party Discotheque, East Portland Eagles Lodge, June 2012-May 2014
– Soulceity, The Secret Society, January 2013
– Satin Chaps at Portland A Go-Go, The Secret Society, February 2013
– Powder and The Pynnacles, Dante’s, May 2013
– RAF Mod Band, The Secret Society, January 2014
– Gotham A Go-Go, Holocene, January 2014
– 20 FT Man at “Satyricon: Madness and Glory” screening, Clinton Street Theater, June 2014
– RAF Mod Band, Star Theater, July 2014
– 20 FT Man at NoFest, St. Johns Square, September 2014
– The Phantom Surfers at the Groovy Vernacular Hippie Spectacular, Analog Cafe, September 2014
– Dr. Amazon, Slabtown, October 2014
– Drinking Flowers, Doug Fir, October 2014
– Dr. Amazon, Slims, February 2015
– Nuggets Night, Mississippi Studios, May 2015
– Tiki Kon, The Red Lion at the Quay, July 2015
– Portland Psych Fest, Hawthorne Theater and Star Theater, August 2015
– Freak Feast of Golden Beats, Turn Turn Turn, September 2015
– Lagoon Squad, Slim’s, October 2015
– Cambrian Explosion, Star Theatre, February 2016
– Flight, Liquor Store, April 2016
– Hollow Sidewalks, Bunk Bar, May 2016
– Nuggets Night: Flamin’ Groovies and The Kingsmen, June 2016
– Dr. Amazon, Turn! Turn! Turn!, July 2016
– Portland Psych Fest, Star Theatre, July 2016
– Bombay Beach, World Famous Kenton Club, December 2016
– Bombay Beach, Turn! Turn! Turn!, December 2016
– Flight, The Liquor Store, January 2017
– Dr. Amazon, Mississippi Studios, February 2017
– Cockpit, The Bit Saloon, March 2017
– Flight 4 Year Anniversary, The Liquor Store, March 2017