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sweet aroma that tickles my nose a little bit

Winnebago forest in Joshua Tree country… A sweat lodge for the spirit, special desert plants and special gentle animals with protective powers, like violet totems, vibrating under a naked night’s sky where all of heaven is exposed and glowing… Polaroid from the past.

I pop open the capsules of marshmallow into a cup of cool water. I spread butter on both sides of my bread slice made of seeds and ground nuts. Then I take the bread knife with the gentle teeth and cut thin cheese. Sprinkle garlic powder, which uses up the rest of it that was in the tiny tall jar, and a little bit of red onion, translucent and fresh and I put it all together in a stack called a sandwich and inside the waffle iron it goes.

After I eat my squared and indented lunch I spread the now-gloop over my arms and hands. Push the screen door open and sit on the front step with the breeze.

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