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Our Lady Jane

Back at the beginning of this year, having successfully shuttled across the Atlantic to establish a new chapter of my life, I felt the need to pay tribute to one of my main plant allies of the last year.  My Saturn Return was a whirlwind of major changes, during which I confronted an ocean of chaos, feeling like I had barely anything to grasp on to.  The sheer amount of Unknown was terrifying, and getting through these huge shifts was possible only when there was room for them.  I wanted everything to happen all at once, but my nervous system and the universe conspired wisely against my desires.  With the steadfast support of my best friend, my mother, the correspondence of inspiration and L0VE, and sweet sweet Mary Jane, I moved through the grief and discomfort.  I decided to will my wish into being, and it worked!

I experienced so much luck in my first few months, I felt the universe itself was rewarding me for all the hardships of the previous year.  Here is Our Lady Jane, cartouche style.  Inspired by the beneficient Virgen de Guadalupe, Mary, and the mysterious but muse-like Laura Aura (Ken Kesey’s circle.  Pretty positive that The Merry Pranksters are ancestors of mine).



I submitted this piece to the psychedelic culture magazine MOOF, and it was accepted for publication!  Find the piece in Issue no.3 of Spring 2018.  There is some quality poetry on the facing page.



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