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A Spell for the Age of Aquarius: uniting polarities

I wrote a spell for Beltane this year.  Beltane falls at the time of the Oak in the Celtic tree calendar, which is about the union of opposites, the combining of opposed polarities, and the personal integration of these aspects.  Entering the long-awaited “Age of Aquarius” has been complicated, violent and transformative thus far.  Of the loudest topics of integration in our shared consciousness are the ideas surrounding divine masculinity and divine femininity.  It’s time now to grow into our full potentials and help the other into theirs.  It’s time to integrate our highest self into our temporal reality.  We’re shooting for embodied androgyny, here.  Look at the aspects you resist.  My intention in this spell is an opening one.  I’d like to open back up our hearts in a gentle, supported, and inclusive way.  I want to acknowledge and honor the opposing forces, and suggest integration.  Through this, we can reconnect with our deepest selves and true purpose, unencumbered by the disappointments and separations we’ve accumulated along the way.
Oak medicine is grounded and strong.  “Duir,” Oak’s Celtic name and letter in the Ogham alphabet (used in Britain and Ireland centuries before the introduction of Latin), is derived from the Sanskrit word “Dwr,” meaning door.  Oak is associated with being a doorway to inner strength and spirituality.  People recognize Oak’s longevity, stamina, and courage.  How many Oaks have you seen with hollowed trunks and gnarled branches?  From a tiny acorn, a magnificient umbrella of a tree grows!  Many important ceremonies throughout time were held under Oak trees.  Because of Oak’s longevity, Oak holds ancestral knowledge and is known as the great rememberer.  Oak carries the memory of how to live in harmony with the cycles of nature.

These words are free to use in your own sacred ceremony of choice.  Opening the heart is a scary process.  But I can’t let myself be led by fear!  Feel free to use plants and stones as support.  Connecting with Earth’s resources is the coolest, most generous practice EVER.  You learn what its like to receive, to trust yourself, AND what unconditional love and support feels like!  The list goes on.  The Hawthorn is an especially powerful plant as heart-related medicine.  Be gentle with yourself.  Introduce the topic of heart-opening and let it take it’s sweet time.  Take baths in Rose essential oil or an infusion of boiled petals (use a cup of Rose petals, put in muslin sack, boil in pot of water for 5min, add to bathwater), think about the colour pink…
**note: Both of these plants have thorns!  This means you aren’t opening up without protection!  When you work with these plants mindfully, you will not get cut, and that is the message we need to emanate to the people we enter into relationship with!
Since I’ve introduced the idea of heart-opening to myself, I’ve begun to LOVE the colour pink.  Rose Quartz is probably the most agreed-upon mineral for its metaphysical properties, being LOVE.  I’ve made a pet of Pink Petalite and Pineapple Quartz.  Those are my heart-opening mineral buds.
Roberta MacKrill is a plant and mineral-communicator.  I’m blown away by her.  If you have a chance to see her speak, take it.  I have a magical (and pink) powder from her called “Dream Weaver Heart Healer” that I rub on my heart chakra.  Remember your back!
It feels good to be soft.  So, enjoy:


O Oak help me remember the mysteries
Mother Moon, celestial womb
Priestess of Earth’s alchemy, I honor thee
Father of Creation, Wildwood’s keeper
O Horned One, I honor thy virility
I bid you within me, wed in sacred union, harmony, and ecstasy
Sing my blessings to the plants and beasts
for all of Earth’s fertility
I move deeply fearlessly

Through my wild self I am divine
Portals open!  Now we feel!
Accepting and awakening the convergence of polarities
Manifest a third entity
Liberated and embodied being in expanded connectivity.

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