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snail infinity

Inspired by my new bi-monthly tarot gig at The Fernie Brae, a magical gallery in SE Portland, this vision of Majestic Peering Snail Be-ringed by Infinitous Connection Between the Cosmos and the Earth’s Intelligence squeaked out of nebulousness into physical manifestation.
Within the infinity symbol is timelessness.  The figure eight symbol can be seen as two loops interweaving, the ancient wisdom from which we are formed: stardust, gracefully uniting with Earth’s true mind: the mycelial network.  Mushroom rings are traditional gateways to the otherside, the land of Faerie, a “dangerous” portal away from civilized society into the wanton courts of the wild ones.  I have always searched for faerie rings, wanting to re-connect with the wild, willing to surrender myself to the Fae (like Thomas the Rhymer).  One of the exchanges of this is not being able to tell a lie (also to yourself), which makes it much harder to survive and thrive in our cultural realm.  Honesty and truth are freedom from the invisible constraints of societal structure, so if we can claim responsibility for our autonomy, we can collectively transform reality!  There are all types of faerie rings to step into.  This is an invitation (or convenient excuse should you need one) to walk the third road, the winding one… to set the circle to spin into a spiral, to dream the world awake with the beauty and possibilities of your imagination.

The snail is a bridge between Earth (the mushrooms) and Water (the imagination, cosmic consciousness).  It carries its home wherever it goes.  Can we feel at home in ourselves?  This is the journey or our lives.  How can we feel whole in ourselves?  The spiral of the snail’s shell begins with 0, the Unknowable: the source of everything and being nothing.  Let the Unknown be your home, come to a place where you don’t identify with order, but with your ability to navigate the unknown.  Like the tarot’s “Fool,” or the Wildwood Deck’s take of “The Wanderer,” all you need is courage.  Sometimes this type of bravery can be seen as naive, but there is great wisdom in the faith of following your heart.The tarot’s symbolism, like a dream’s, speaks to our subconscious, working to connect our conscious understanding with our subterranean truths.

Join me!  Check my calendar for upcoming gigs around Portland.  I am also available for remote tarot readings, e-mail me (kerstinmillnamow[@] to book a journey.

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